Saturday, October 13, 2012

Homecoming Parade

We bundled up and went to the U of I homecoming parade last weekend!  My sister was in town, and we figured it was a good a reason as any to take the girls to their first parade.  Both the girls enjoyed all of the marching bands, and Chloë was particularly fond of all the candy she collected.

As soon as we got downtown, I realized I'd forgotten my camera.  But the old iPhone pulled through for us once again.

The music was a big hit. Even Elaina liked it.

Chloë really liked the horses.

She thought the drums were the best part of the marching band.  She hasn't stopped talking about them and demonstrates how they worked by hitting her hands on her legs.



  1. Phoebe's favorite part of the parades she has seen has been the drums as well! She hates all other loud noises, but loves drums.

  2. Grams really likes the pretty horses too!