Thursday, June 21, 2012

Second Birthday

While we were in Iowa, we had an early birthday party for Chloë with all of my family, the great grandparents and a great aunt and a great uncle.

Mimi made a carrot cake, which Chloë loved.

Elaina really wanted to try a bite of Papa's cake.

Bryan, Great Grandmother, Great Grandma and Grandpa Moses, and the birthday girl.

Chloë was tired of smiling for the camera, and just wanted to eat her cake.

She opened a few presents: a toy pistol, some books, some party dresses, and a beautiful little silk scarf.

We got home from our trip at 3 am on Chloë's birthday, but we still managed to get up and have a special birthday breakfast of bear pancakes.

When Bryan got home from work, he brought home a special dragonfly birthday balloon. We just happened to be outside waiting for him to come home, and when he pulled the balloon out of the car, Chloë jumped up and down and clapped her hands. I think she liked it.

We went out to La Casa Lopez for a little birthday dinner, and she even got a special Mexican birthday song.

Then on Sunday, we had another birthday party with Bryan's side of the family. Jessie and Kaleb are still in Florida, but everyone else was able to be there, including the Klejwa great grandparents, the Beckers, and Daniel.

Aunt Laura.

Aunt Christa.

Great Gramma holding Elaina and Great Grampa.

Chloë, Bella, and Eva.

I made her a chocolate birthday cake with pink buttercream frosting.

This kid has had lots of practice blowing out candles and tearing wrapping paper. I'm pretty sure she's under the impressions that birthdays never end.

She got a toy kitchen and a pretty pink tricycle (which we failed to get pictures of), among other things. She's been quite occupied this week with all of her new fun things, only a few of which make lots of annoying noises.

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