Thursday, August 4, 2011

Second Trimester

They say that the second pregnancy goes by much faster than the first. It is true. I can hardly believe we're already a third of the way through this process. I know having a munchkin to chase around keeps the days moving quickly. But, not having a constant reminder that I'm pregnant helps some too. Unyielding nausea and frequent vomiting, for example, was kind of like having the clock ticking in my ear, making the time pass slowly. I am so grateful to have it so easy this second time around. Yes, I'm queasy every once and a while, but I can eat just about anything, and have even managed to gain a pound. God is so good.

I mentioned earlier that I've been taking a half a Unisom every night, and I think it helps a lot with the morning sickness. I forgot to take it one night last week, and had an unusually queasy day the next day, so we'll stick with it for now. That said, I definitely think there's a limit to how much nausea it can handle, and even if I wasn't taking it, I have the feeling I wouldn't be nearly as sick as I was with Chloë. This pregnancy is just so completely different. Which makes me very suspicious as to the gender of this baby. If I had to guess, I would guess that he's a boy. But we shall see. As my midwife pointed out, I'm not officially working for this pregnancy. True. Those were some tough 8 hour shifts of being on my feet and bearing quite the stress load. Physically, mentally and even emotionally, I am in a much more relaxed environment. Now, the hardest part of my week is when I drop a bowl full of smoothie on the floor and have pureed fruit and broken ceramic to clean up. No big deal in the grand scheme of things. Dying people, on the other hand, were a little heavier on the heart and mind.

Whatever the factors (all of you praying for me, perhaps?), I am so grateful for how easy this pregnancy has been.

I've wondered for a couple of weeks now if those tiny little movements I was feeling were Baby squirming and kickboxing and dancing. And a few days ago, I felt some unmistakable little Baby flutters. So much like those first flutters I felt with Chloë. According to the experts, our Baby is about five inches long and the size of a peach, has starting growing hair, and can now squint, grimace, and frown. He can practice "inhaling" the amniotic fluid he's swimming around it, and if he's interested, suck his thumb. I am constantly amazed when I slow down for a moment and consider the miracle happening inside of me. Sometimes I want to shout "Hey everybody! I'm growing a PERSON!"

So here we are in the Second Trimester, at week 14.

This last picture was three weeks ago at week 11, just for comparison. Baby is growing!

Praise God that all is going so well. Now we just have to come up with some name options.

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  1. Glad to hear you are not feeling as sick this time!