Monday, August 22, 2011

Logos Class of 2001

Yup, folks, here they are. The cute kid in the middle, back row is the guy I married. Rumor has it he got along with everyone, and was even the Salutatorian.

For those of you unfamiliar with our community, Logos is a classical Christian School accretited with the Association of Classical Christian School. Yes, it's a private Christian school. But unlike many private schools in the country, this one graduates well educated (and, gasp! moral!) kids. Lord willing, our kids will someday attend this school.

The 10 of the 20 graduates from Logos Class of 2001 that showed up to the small reunion we had last weekend.
Back Row: John Pernsteiner, Shawna (Casebolt) Wright, Kerith (Brown) Hardcastle, Lisa Just.
Front Row: Luke Rust, Isaac Grauke, Katie (Gray) Grauke, Betsy (Oplinger) Becker, Andrew Becker, Bryan Blakey. Four of these 10 married each other.

The 10 grads including four spouses.
Back Row, L to R: Tina Persteiner, John Persteiner, Isaac Grauke, Josh Wright, Kerith Hardcastle, Lisa Just.
Front Row, L to R: Katie Rust, Luke Rust, Katie Grauke, Shawna Wright, Betsy Becker, Andrew Becker, Bryan Blakey, Bess Blakey.

I didn't see any other cameras that evening, so I'll share these for those of you who might want to see them. Plus, since I didn't get a high school reunion (it would have been me sitting in an empty room all by myself), this is what I have to share with everyone.

Tina and John Pernsteiner (and sleepy Henry).

Josh Wright and adorably chubby Harper.

Marae Rust. She spent most of the evening blowing raspberries.

A few of the kids playing. (Only picture I got. Sorry it's so grainy.)

Betsy Becker. I think she looks dangerously gorgeous here.

Bryan Blakey (surprise!) and Chloë.

Katie and Isaac Grauke.

Kay Rust.

Henry Pernsteiner.

Gus Grauke.

Kate Persteiner and Gus Grauke.

Chloë Blakey.

Luke and Katie Rust, being adorable.

Here they are again, a little more posed and normal looking, but Luke still has cake in his mouth.

Shawna Wright, Betsy and Andrew Becker.

Betsy and Andrew, about to get mushy.

(Yeah, I think they like each other.)

Josh, Andrew, Betsy, Lisa, Isaac, John and Katie G.

Tina Persteiner and Henry.

Katie Grauke and Max.

Lisa Just.

Andrew Becker and Eva.

Max Grauke.

Katie and Isaac Grauke, and Bella Becker. Isaac was reading out of Bryan's old year book, sharing everyone's "Future Plans" from 10 years ago. God has been good.

We had a fun, low key backyard BBQ at the Grauke's. The kids ran around, and the adults sat around and talked about current adventures and reminisced a bit about old times. The Rusts' came from Seattle, and the Pernsteiners' came from Clarkston. The rest of us actually live in Moscow.

Here are a couple of Bryan's Senior Pictures, just for fun. He reluctantly agreed to let me share these little gems with you all.

This last one is the whole Blakey family, including Andrew. He actually lived with the Blakeys for a couple of years during high school. He and Bryan have always been good friends, and we see the Beckers quite frequently. Good thing I get along with them so well.

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