Thursday, March 24, 2011


Today isn't. Which is too bad, really, because we always have such great Sundays. We look forward to our weekly day of fellowship, rest and feasting. We usually go to Bryan's parent's house for lunch or dinner, and always have a fabulous time. There is always a feast of amazing food, and usually everyone is there: Patch and Deb, Bryan's sisters Laura, Christa and Jessie, Laura's husband Austin, and sometimes a few extras. Everyone seems to enjoy taking turns playing with the baby. Even the dogs.

Chloë spies a doggy.

Gypsie. Often cautious around the baby.

India. Always patient with Chloë's curious fingers.

Indie is such a great sport and does so well with the baby. Sometimes she just comes over and lies down next to her.

Chloë absolutely loves being on her feet. And walking with Grandma Deb is just so much fun.

Playing with Aunt Laura. I'm not sure what my goofball baby is doing here. Trying to be a ham, I think.

Aunt Laura really knows how to make the baby laugh.

Babbling a very dramatic story.

Then after lots of playing, we all sit and lie around, stuffing our gills with dessert and coffee, laughing and moving as little as possible.


  1. LOVE the pic of Chloe and her grandma, Bess! so cute!!

    can't wait for Sunday afternoons surrounded by family one day!!

    miss you guys!

  2. She looks like a reclining Roman orator grown fat on snails and peacocks.