Saturday, February 5, 2011

Play Time

My friend Hope and her son Brody are in town this week visiting. They came over along with our friends Mary her daughter Louella, and Ali and her babe on the way, and we enjoyed watching our babies play together.

For a little contrast, here is a picture from last summer when Chloë was four days old and Brody was six days old. It's hard to believe how much they have changed.

They played quite nicely together. I don't know about Brody, but I know Chloë wasn't quite sure what to think of another person her own size.

And then when Mary came over with Louella, we had to get a pictures of all the babies. Louella is two months older than the other two, and quite the big girl in comparison.

And I couldn't resist sharing this picture of my hilarious little goof ball.

Louella looking on as Chloë and Brody learn to share.

Chloë and Brody pulled themselves under the coffee table to play with the dominoes.

Good times with good friends, as always.


  1. LOVE these, Bess! thanks for posting pics of them!! and thanks again for having us over! love all the yummy light in the pics!

  2. Oh man, what a fun afternoon that was! I wish I had my own baby to contribute to the group pictures... soon soon! Thanks for putting these up. Those kids are adorable. And I LOVE the hilarious picture of Chloe. I had to show Paul because I was totally cracking up!