Monday, November 1, 2010

My Little Merbaby

I made Chloë a mermaid costume for Halloween/All Hallow's Eve/the Reformation Fall Carnival. I had so much fun looking for material, and then coming up with a pattern. (And of course I just had to make a matching costume for myself.) I was very pleased with how her costume turned out, and I think she's the cutest little Merbaby I've ever seen.

I love her little sea shells. Quite adorable on a chubby baby.

Friday afternoon we went downtown to do some trick-or-treating. Or rather, to show her off to her Aunt Laura and Uncle Austin.

Then we went to the Mall and met up with some friends. Unfortunately, the group pictures we took were entirely over-exposed. Here's my baby practicing her mermaid model poses, I think.

On Saturday we went to the church's Fall Carnival.

Bryan with the Merbaby for the 0-3 category for the costume contest.

The "group" costume contest. The Mommy Mermaid with her Merbaby, and the Pirate that caught them. We didn't win either of the contests, but we had so much fun looking and the hundreds of amazing and creative costumes. Now what shall we do for next year?


  1. That is a most fantastic costume!

  2. I can't believe you guys didn't win - you looked fantastic! And way to go on making the costumes. You're one talented momma :)

  3. ohhhh.. this is so cute.. i dida merbaby costume for my lil one this halloween.. if i cud post it, it cud be shared..