Wednesday, July 14, 2010

One Month Old

Our beautiful baby girl is one month old as of yesterday. Seriously? Cliche as it may sound, where has the time gone? She is so alert and responsive, it is fun to see her using her eyes and focusing on her surroundings (especially when those surrounding are myself), although she still goes cross-eyed occasionally. She gets a little fussy in the evenings now, but we can usually console her with a full tummy, clean diaper, swaddling, patting, and walking around.

We're adjusting to being parents, doing everything in shifts, and always being tired. But we love every second of it. I still just want to stare at her all day long. But now that I'm somewhat recovered, I'm learning how to do things with half an arm.

The day she was born, versus one month later.
She has already changed so much.

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  1. That is *crazy*. I can't believe how much she's changed already.