Friday, August 21, 2015

I Must Speak

I must speak. Not because I think that I'm so important that my words will change anyone's mind; I know the internet is a lousy place for real discussion. But because truth is worth proclaiming, whoever the audience. And what I must say is this:

Abortion is the slaughter of an innocent child. Religion has nothing to do with that definition.

I know those that are pro-choice like to sadly smile and claim that no one really loves abortion, but a women must have the right to choose what happens to her body.

I call BS. We don't get to "do what's best for us" at the expense of others. Imagine if I left my young kids at home alone for the day and went out to get a manicure, sip fancy coffee, and do some shopping. My body, my choice, right? Or what if I didn't want them to suffer neglect while I was gone, so I just lined them up and killed them in a way that ensured their bodies were still good for medical research. Planned Parenthood would have us believe that would be the best choice for me to make.

Parents aren't free to cut their children's faces open and donate their brains (with monetary reimbursement, of course) simply because they don't want to be bothered with the responsibility of potty training, or middle-of-the-night drinks of water. But my body, my choice, right? I would argue that children are an inconvenience to a parent's body, whatever the stage of life. Perhaps less so with time, but the sacrifice of one's choices doesn't end when the umbilical cord is properly tied and cut.

Have you seen the sobering undercover videos? They are not meant to fear monger politicians into taking away women's rights. They are being shown to expose murder, and hopefully to save future lives. We now know that babies are being dismembered and sold for parts in a barbaric manner. But the real horror is that they are being killed in the first place.

Please don't get angry and claim that we would all be adopting children if we really cared. So many of us that are pro-life are using the resources we have to help orphans and widows in ways that we are able, and loving the kids that are in our lives at the same time. My heart aches for those women and children, and I have wept for a child murdered that we once invited to be a part of our family.

And so I say again, abortion is the slaughter of an innocent child. Size, reasoning ability, planned existence, lung capacity, or body fat percentage do not qualify if a child should live or die for someone else's convenience.

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