Thursday, June 26, 2014

Friends Pregnant

I've been meaning to touch on this subject since that wonderful day way back in October.  We had just found out that we were pregnant, and it was bittersweet telling some of our best friends, since we knew they wanted more kids, too.

Well wouldn't you know it, God had a beautiful plan for this story, too.  Three days later, Betsy got a positive pregnancy test, too.  We were both overflowing with joy, in case you can't tell.

It's been such a crazy, fun, blessed experience being pregnant together.  Encouraging each other through the morning sickness, praying for each other in moments of uncertainty, celebrating clothes that no longer fit, sharing pregnancy cravings, knitting and crocheting baby blankets together, guessing which one of us will get to hold our babies first, and rejoicing together in every good appointment and ultrasound. 

A few months ago, I texted Betsy and mentioned that I was craving the Lettuce Wraps from one of our favorite restaurants in Pullman.  Just the mention triggered the same craving for her, and she ending up driving the half hour round trip to get a double order, and brought it to my house where we indulged our cravings together.  True friendship right there.  We shared a lot of similar cravings, as well as lack of desire to be in our kitchens at times. 

This last Saturday, our husbands spent the day with the kids, and Betsy and I took ourselves out for a day of pampering. We got coffee at Bucer's, and then got pedicures, which was actually a first for me.  Then we went out to lunch at Bloom, and hit the mall to get smoothies and shop for post-partum clothes.

Later, after a picnic dinner from the Co-op, I realized we needed a few pictures together.  I drug Betsy over to a brick wall, and handed Bryan my iPhone.  I was pleased with the results from our impromptu 60 second photo shoot.

I'm really excited about today.  Because Betsy is in labor.  I guess she beat me to it.  But that's okay, because I'm so excited that I get to hold her baby in a little while.  God has been so kind to us, and today is a day of great rejoicing.

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  1. Okay... sheesh Bess... I was already crying happy tears seeing these pics on Betsy's blog... and now I see she's in labor. Wow. Praying more fervently now. Would you please give her a hug, and that sweet baby boy a kiss for me, when you see them? May God's grace rest upon them abundantly and tangibly today. Amen.