Monday, February 17, 2014

Baby Will

Bryan's sister Jessie had her baby on early on Thursday morning.  Baby Will was born on his grandfather Kenneth's birthday.  (Which, I might add, was the day I guessed he'd make his grand entrance.)

At almost 9 1/2 pounds with lots of dark hair, William Kenneth Trotter is a pretty handsome little fella.  We got to meet him later that afternoon, and I'm glad I remembered to drag my camera along.

Chloë and Elaina were sooo excited to meet their new cousin.  We slathered their hands with sanitizer, and they promptly covered Baby Will in hugs and kisses and affectionate pats.  Chloë actually started sobbing when it was time to go home, because didn't want to leave.  Even after we got home, she would still burst into tears and exclaim that she missed Baby Will.

We have since had the pleasure of spending time with this sweet family a couple more times.  Kaleb and Jessie are absolutely wonderful new parents; aglow with excitement, wonder, and sleep deprivation. 

We love you so much already, Will!  Thanks for making me an Aunt!  We are so excited to see what God had planned for your future!

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