Tuesday, October 8, 2013


I turned 30.  Which means I began my fourth decade of life.  Which is crazy.  I absolutely love my life, but still feel that strange feeling that time is passing too quickly.

Bryan took me to lunch at Nectar.  Love their food.

And we went to Casa Lopez for dinner.  Great margaritas, and good Mexican food, for being in the Inland Northwest.

Then a couple of days later, Betsy and Bryan threw me a mid-century themed birthday party.  I snapped a few photos with my trusty iPhone, but ambiance and low lighting makes for grainy pictures.
I wore a dress that used to be my Grandmother's.

Betsy made an amazing cake.

Bathroom selfie.  Yes, it happened.  I was trying to capture the big hair that took research and lots of hair product.  It was supposed to be Marilyn Monroe-esque.

So now I'm 30.  Can't wait to see what this decade has in store.

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