Monday, January 28, 2013

Christmas, part 2

We got back from our quick trip to Bonners on the evening of Christmas Eve, and then we re-loaded the car with presents and pillows and food, and went out to the Blakey's for our annual sleepover.  We stayed up late putting the final touches on gifts, baking cookies, and playing video games.
'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house, everyone was lounging in the living room playing video games.  I think that's it.
Poor Elaina had come down with a fever, so she never had the chance to wear her new Christmas jammies that matched her sister's.

After Chloë went to bed, Bryan and I got to work putting together the rocking moose that we got for her.  The last picture before I headed to bed:

Christmas morning.  Chloë was really excited.
She loved the rocking moose.
We had our traditional huge breakfast, with lots of grease and chocolate.
Chloë was happy to keep on rocking her moose, and Elaina enjoyed some of the food.

Finally ready to dig into that pile of presents!
Elaina wasn't feeling very well.
But she thought tearing the wrapping paper was pretty great.

Chloë got lots of cowgirl stuff, including a great pair of little leather boots.  As is her custom with all footwear, the ultimate test is to see how they do with dancing.

Cute little Christmas cowgirl.

Elaina enjoyed playing with her doggy toy.

We actually doubled up on the present-opening this year.  Instead of doing just one at a time, we did two at a time!  We were all done opening presents in a couple of short hours, instead of the usual four or five hours.  Then we loaded everything up and headed home to continue the Christmas festivities.

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