Monday, December 17, 2012


We drove the three hours to Sandpoint late on Thursday night, and crashed at my sister Katie's house.  My brother Samuel had come along for the trip, and we got up early on Friday morning, and geared up for spending a day in the cold snow.We drove up the windy switchback road leading to Schweitzer Mountain Resort, hauled our belongings into the lodge, and set up camp.  Between the four adults, we took turns sitting in the lodge with Chloë and Elaina, entertaining them as well as we could.

Bryan took Chloë outside for a while to play in the snow, while I stayed in the lodge with Elaina while she napped.  It's a good thing we had the trusty old iPhone with us, and got a few pictures.
Chloë is a little bit obsessed with eating snow every chance she gets.  But Bryan did manage to get her to take a break long enough to make her first snow angel.

Then Samuel and Katie stayed in the lodge for a while and Bryan and I got to do a few runs together! It was the first time I'd been snowboarding in two years, and only my second time in four years, so I was just a little bit excited. 
I sure do love this man.  It's fun thinking back to the first couple of times we went snowboarding together: poor college students who saved our pennies to buy lift tickets, and then did our best trying to impress each other with our mad snowboarding skills.

It was quite nostalgic being back on the mountain where I learned to snowboard.  15 years ago (wow, really?) my family would go up to Schweitzer with a homeschoolers' group.  I think we paid a meager $17 per person for rental gear, a lift ticket, and an hour-long lesson. Dad would camp out in the lodge and wait for us to come in for a cocoa break, cold and tired, but happy. 

This time I was the one packing the cocoa (and coffee and bourbon) and sandwiches, as well as diapers and a play pen.

After lunch, Bryan and I took both of the girls out to play in the snow.

All packed up at the end of the day, waiting for the rest of the people we came with.

It was a great trip. My neck is still surprisingly sore.

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