Tuesday, March 13, 2012

21 Months

Maybe it's because she's the big sister now, but Chloë seems to be a little more dramatic these days. Maybe it's that subconscious need for more attention, but there are days when everything needs my help or attention. And sometimes, there are big ol' alligator tears that accompany the drama.

I do try to give her as much attention as possible, and lots of special cuddle time. I'll wipe her tears, and we'll snuggle for a while, and that usually makes everything all better.

She absolutely loves Elaina. When she wakes up in the morning or from her nap, she wants to know where Baby is. She loves rubbing Baby's head, and covers her with kisses, and often asks to hold her.

If Elaina is upset, Chloë will often try to help calm her by offering her her binkie or bouncing her in her bouncy chair.

Chloë is a wonderful big sister, so sweet and affectionate towards Elaina.

We've been having snow off and on throughout the winter, and Chloë loves it. She likes watching the snow fall. A couple of weeks ago we had a fresh covering, and I left the door open a crack while I quickly shoveled the front steps. Chloë made her way outside, and was happily munching on the cold snow when I found her. "Good vintage!" she exclaimed, nodding, as if to convince me. I do believe her daddy taught her that one.

She loves to get all bundled up in her snow gear and play outside. I can actually let her outside by herself in our tiny enclosed side yard, checking on her every minute or two, of course.

My parents were in town last weekend, and the first thing Chloë said to her Mimi was "Cookies?!" The last time they were here, Mimi made a batch of cookies, and let Chloë help with all of the important scooping and measuring and pouring and stirring. So of course, my mom was more than willing to make more cookies again this time.

She loves being in the kitchen, but also loves to pretend to cook.

Last weekend I decided she needed something other than the floor for her cooking endeavors, so I covered a cardboard diaper box with paper bags, and made her a little stove top and oven. I think she likes it.

She loves shoes just as much as ever, and will try on all sorts of shoes. Here she is walking around in her purple plastic high heels we got her for Christmas.

In the last couple of weeks, she has really come to understand her colors. She likes to sit at the big table and "draw." I always make sure to collect all of the crayons and put them away when we're done.

Chloë is now tall enough to grab on to a door knob and pull a door closed. She also likes to lock doors. Our bedroom has a twist lock, and for some reason, the door to the basement has a push lock. I was downstairs doing laundry yesterday, and came up the stairs to a closed door that would not open. I called to her, and she came to the door, and I told her to turn the handle to open it. There was lots of doorknob wiggling, but the lock did not disengage. Despite the fact that I was still in my pajamas and bath robe, I went out the basement door and around to the front and let myself in. Good thing the front door was unlocked.

Some of our door knobs are an oval shape, and she has mastered the art of turning them. I can no longer close a door to keep her out of a room. So, I keep an eye on her, and listen for the sound of doors opening or closing. She like to explore the pantry.

Chloë still loves her binkie. She knows it is only for sleeping. She'll pop it into her mouth, and crawl up on the couch or on to her little bed to sleep. Sometimes it's only or a little rest, but it works pretty well to establish that the binkie is only for sleeping.

We let her cuddle with us sometimes in our bed. Sometimes she falls asleep.
We do compromise the binkie rule for church. When it's time for the sermon, we pull out a little snack, which she happily consumes, and then we give her her binkie and she snuggles with one of us for a while. Between that and her four crayons and coloring pad, she usually does really well during church.

She's a really sweet, happy girl. And if we ask her to smile, this is what we get:


  1. Aunt KiKi / ChriChriMarch 14, 2012 at 8:17 AM

    Oh my goodness. My niece is brilliant. I laughed at her giving the apple to Elaina, then "apple...coffee...apple."

    And knowing all the colors of the stars, and names of everything? Oh, and trying to hold the butterfly!! "Oops, I broke it." haaa. Oh baby. SO smart!

  2. :) That was actually "apple... Chloë... apple." Coffee is "cah-see" and Chloë is "coe-ee." But yes. I would tend to agree with you that she's smart. She's so much fun.