Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Almost There

Tomorrow marks 39 weeks of this pregnancy. I can hardly believe we're almost done.

At my 37 week appointment two weeks ago, my midwife confirmed my suspicion that the baby had dropped. So I've been waking up every day since then, wondering if I might go into labor early. In fact, I've been dreaming about almost nightly, and have been thinking about it constantly. Lots of braxton hicks contractions, but no labor yet.

This pregnancy has been easier than the first, but has still presented its own difficulties and struggles. I haven't had the horrible back pain (or the mild spasming that accompanied it), but I have had some pretty severe sciatic and what must the femoral nerve pain. Last week, after doing laundry all day (which means I did stairs at least a dozen times), my sciatic nerve hurt so much I couldn't even walk. It was really frustrating! I felt like such a cripple. Thankfully, after an evening of sitting around, and night of sleep, I woke up functional, but still had some pain. Since the baby dropped two weeks ago, her head has been squishing those nerves against my pelvis. I am glad that I can still walk around, but I can feel the irritation building if I'm on my feet for very long. Which means I've been taking it easy, sitting whenever possible, especially for things like cooking. Sometimes when Baby repositions, and I'll get a good zing down one of the four nerves. If I happen to be standing when this happens, I wonder if my leg might give out. So far, so good.

I've woken up in the middle of the night with PSVT twice in the last month. Paroxysmal Supraventricular Tachycardia. The first time, it felt so awful I kinda lost it. It was 4 AM, and it woke me up, and just wouldn't stop. After trying my tricks without success (mammalian dive reflex and the valsalval maneuver), it seemed like it was just getting worse, and of course I started wondering if I was going to die, and how Baby was taking it. I think I had my first official little panic attack. I regained my composure, and after almost three hours of having my heart beat between 150 and 200 times a minute, it finally returned to it's normal rhythm. Two nights ago, I had another episode that lasted a couple of hours, and again, I just had to wait it out. There is some evidence that PSVT is more likely to occur during pregnancy (due to the increase in blood volume and how that effects the heart), so I've really been grateful that I haven't had to deal with it more often.

The morning sickness has been gone for a while now, although I've still been taking the Unisom at night since sleeping has become such a challenge. I did throw up a few days ago, but I had taken pills on an empty stomach, which I know not to do. I was fighting a cold last week, which upped my daily pill count to 22. I had to take a picture. At least they are all vitamins, minerals, and herbs.

The first three: Prenatal, magnesium and B complex. Been taking those the whole time. Recently I've been building up the number of the middle bunch: four Evening Primrose, Flaxseed, iron, six 5-W, and bromelain. Then the last six are two garlic, a zinc and three Cs, which I haven't been taking since I'm over the cold. I have to spread them out over the entire day to make them manageable.

The heartburn has been pretty constant for the last couple of months. Sleeping propped up on five pillows at night make sleeping possible, although I still have to take one or two Tums to make it manageable.

I have been so thankful how rare the migraines have been, now that I've cut MSG and free glutamates out of my diet. I had a good migraine a couple of weeks ago, and then a weird complex one a few days ago. I had gotten myself and Chloë all ready for an afternoon out of the house, and as soon as we got to the mall, the blurry vision hit. After a few minutes, I found a bench and called Bryan to come rescue me. I didn't want to stay at the mall, but it would have been impossible for me to drive. I am so grateful for such an understanding and helpful husband.

This little girl is really, really active. Even now, as I type, I look down and see my belly jumping around. It is so strange knowing that my baby girl is inside of me, moving all around, oblivious to the fact that her world will soon be very different. Soon, she will be able to stretch her legs all the way out if she wants to. I'm sure things are getting a little cramped in there.

Bryan and I finally decided on a name for our little girl. There were 4 or 5 names that we liked, and we finally agreed on the best one. Now we're just hoping that it will "fit" her when we meet her. We haven't told anyone either, despite a few good attempts to get us to spill the secret.

I have everything all ready for Baby's arrival. Tiny baby clothes fresh and clean and put away, waiting patiently. Our bedroom is ready to be transformed into Labor Central in a moment's notice; all of basic things gathered and ready.

Now, we wait.

Re-reading this, I hope I don't come across as complaining, discontent, or in any way ungrateful. This just happens to be the only journaling I do, so I'll include some of the hard stuff, but leave out the worst details, for your sake. Yes, some parts of pregnancy are less glamorous than others. Sometimes they are downright difficult and frustrating (thanks for that, Eve). But I am so thankful to have the privilege of growing another life inside of me. I know I am blessed to have two (relatively) healthy pregnancies so far. That said, I really can't wait to meet this little girl.

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  1. Aww man, can't you tell ME the name?