Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Fair

We have such a great little county fair here in Moscow. I'm reminded of so many memories while there. Looking at the exhibits, and remembering all of the pretty ribbons I won for my drawings and baking and sewing... the Summer I helped show goats with the Ewers'... eating an elephant ear for the first time. And now, I get to start a new phase of the being the parent. It won't be long before the kids are asking for a few dollars and then running off to explore some new and exciting wonderment. But for now, Chloë is just old enough to be slightly interested in her surroundings. She just sort of stared at the animals. At least I had fun telling her how exciting it all was.

Her Mimi got lots of pretty smiles out of her.

Later that night, back at home and in her jammies, bonding with the stuffed Koala I made her.

And earlier that day, we had a little early birthday party for Samuel for before he left for Wales. Since he doesn't really care for cake, and has always been obsessed with pizza, we thought we would go with the obvious alternate to a birthday cake with candles.
Last week, Samuel bought a one-way ticket to Wales, and flew there yesterday. He is there to play Rugby for the Bangor Wales Rugby Union, for an uncertain amount of time. We sure will miss him.

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  1. And by "a few dollars" you mean $10-20, right? I think it cost $8+ for Andrew and Bella to ride the ferris wheel....