Wednesday, March 3, 2010

House Hunting

We looked at houses again this afternoon. Between this week and last, we've seen 13. And what a spread of styles, layouts, problems and potential. It's a little overwhelming. I would love something with a large living area and at least 3 bedrooms, but then we have to think about how much work we are willing to do. There are a couple of houses with some great potential... we would just have to, y'know, re-do the kitchen, add a bathroom, build closets, and re-do carpets and trim and stuff. Sounds like a lot of work. And we're sort of on a time crunch.

So these made the top of the list. We have more to see on Friday.


  1. We looked at houses this past weekend...its kind of sad to pass up the really cool houses with "potential", but babies do make for quite the time crunch... :-)

  2. They are lovely and with a little bit of work they will even be lovelier. Just avoid rushing into buying a house because you might overlook some issues and problems, and then, later on, regret having bought it. Before purchasing your dream home, a qualified home inspector is commendable to evaluate the real estate you want to buy.

    This home inspection St. Paul, MN company who did the inspection for the house that I wanted to buy found a lot of problems that the home owner did not tell me. It looked nice and everything seemed to be working fine until the home inspector showed that it really was not. In the end, I didn't buy the house and found a much better one.

    Hope this helps! Good luck with your house hunting!

  3. Have you picked your bet already? I like the 4th house. It looks very simple and cozy. Some families find buying an existing house easier. That's because they think an exisiting house is more maintainable.